1909-1911 T206 White Borders Partial Set of (252) Cards 
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The offered 1909-1911 T206 White Borders partial set of (252) different cards affords the collector the opportunity to secure more than half of this monumental set in one shot. This primarily off-grade selection is bolstered by a handful of Hall of Famers and pre-war stars. With exception to a lone Southern Leaguer (Old Mill), the remainder contains either Piedmont or Sweet Caporal advertising reverses. Highlights include Beckley (FR), Bender (trimmed, with Trees), Bresnahan (GD, Portrait), Chase (trimmed, Blue Portrait), Chase (FR, Pink Portrait), Chase (GD, Throwing, Dark Cap), Chase (PR, Throwing, White Cap), Crawford (FR, with Bat), Gandil (PR), M. Miller (GD, Southern Leaguer, Old Mill), Pattee (FR, horizontal) and Powell (GD, horizontal). The condition breakdown for this selection is 24% (VG or better), 42% (GD), 22% (low-grade) and 12% (trimmed). Each cards reveals wear consistent with its assigned grade. Many of the lower-grade examples suffer from back damage or writing. For a complete list of cards, please visit our website.

Beckley (FR), Bender (trimmed, with Trees), Bresnahan (GD, Portrait), Chase (trimmed, Blue Portrait), Chase (FR, Pink Portrait), Chase (GD, Throwing, Dark Cap), Chase (PR, Throwing, White Cap), J. Clark (GD), Congalton (GD), Conroy (GD, Fielding), Conroy (trimmed, with Bat), Covaleski (GD), Crandall (GD, Portrait, No Cap), Crandall (VG, Portrait, with Cap), Cravath (FR), Crawford (FR, with Bat), Cree (GD), Criger (GD), Cross (VG), Davidson (VG), H. Davis (VG, Davis, Phila. Amer.), H. Davis (FR, H. Davis, Phila. Amer.), J. Delehanty (FR), Demmitt (GD, New York), Devlin (trimmed), Donlin (trimmed, Seated), Donovan (FR, Portrait), Donovan (FR, Throwin), Doolan (VG, Batting), Doolan (GD, Fielding), Doolin (trimmed, Portrait), Dorner (GD), Downey (VG, Fielding), J. Doyle (GD, Hands Above Head), L. Doyle (GD, with Bat), Dubuc (GD), Dunn (GD), Durham (trimmed), Dygert (GD), Easterly (VG), Egan (GD), Elberfeld (PR, Fielding), Elberfeld (GD, Portrait, New York), Engle (VG), Evans (GD), Ewing (VG), Ferriss (VG), Fiene (VG, Throwing), Frill (GD), Fromme (VG), Gandil (PR),Ganley (PR), Ganzel (trimmed), Gibson (GD), Gilbert (FR), Goode (GD), Gray (GD), Grimshaw (GD), Hannifan (FR), Hartsel (VG), Hayden (GD), Herzog (VG, Boston), Hinchman (VG), I. Hoffman (GD), S. Hoffman (PR), Howell (PR, Portrait), Hulswitt (VG), Hummel (GD), Hunter (GD), Isbell (VG), Jacklitsch (FR), D. Jones (GD), F. Jones (GD, Hands at Hips), F. Jones (VG, Portrait), T. Jones (trimmed), T. Jordan (GD, Portrait), Killian (PR, Pitching), Killian (FR, Portrait), Kisinger (GD), Kling (GD), Knabe (PR), Knight (VG, Portrait), Konetchy (FR, Glove Near Ground), Kroh (GD), Kruger (GD), Lake (trimmed, New York), Lake (trimmed, St. Louis, No Ball in Hand), Latham (GD), Lattimore (GD), Lavender (FR), Leach (GD, Bending Over), Leach (GD, Portrait), Lennox (GD), Liebhardt (GD), Livingston (VG), Lord (trimmed), Lumley (trimmed), Lundgren (GD, Kansas City), Maddox (GD), Magee (PR, with Bat), Malarkey (VG-EX), Maloney (VG), Marshall (GD), McAleese (VG-EX), McBride (GD), McCormick (PR), McElveen (VG), McGann (GD), McGinley (VG), McIntyre (VG, Brooklyn), McLean (FR), McQuillan (trimmed), Ball in Hand), McQuillan (PR, with Bat), Merkle (trimmed, Portrait), Merkle (GD, Throwing), Merritt (VG), Milan (FR), D. Miller (VG), M. Miller (GD, Southern Leaguer, Old Mill), Milligan (trimmed), F. Mitchell (VG), M. Mitchell (GD), Moeller (GD), Moran (VG), Moriarty (trimmed), Mullin (GD, with Bat), Murphy (GD, Batting), Murphy (FR, Throwing), Murray (PR, Batting), Myers (GD, Batting), Needham (GD), Nichols (FR, Batting), Nichols (trimmed, Hands on Knees), Niles (GD), Oakes (FR), Oberlin (VG), O’Brien (VG), O’Hara (FR, New York), Oldring (GD, Fielding), O’Leary (trimmed, Hands on Knees), O’Leary (GD, Portrait), O’Neil (GD), Overall (GD, Hands Waist Level), Owen (PR), Parent (FR), Paskert (GD), Pastorius (GD), Pattee (FR), Payne (VG), Pfeister (GD, Seated), Pfeister (GD, Throwing), Phelan (GD), Phelps (GD), Phillippe (trimmed), Pickering (FR), Powell (GD), Purtell (VG), Puttman (VG), Quillen (trimmed), Quinn (GD), Randall (GD), Raymond (GD), Ritter (trimmed), B. Rhodes (GD, Hands at Chest), C. Rhodes (FR), Ritchey (trimmed), Rossman (VG), Rucker (VG, Throwing), Rudolph (GD), Schaefer (FR, Detroit), Schaefer (GD, Washington), Schafly (PR), Schlei (FR, Catching), Schlei (PR, Portrait), Schmidt (GD, Portrait), Schmidt GD, Throwing), Schreck (VG), Scott (GD), Schulte (PR, Front View), Seymour (FR, Throwing), Shannon (trimmed), Sharpe (VG), A. Shaw (PR), H. Shaw (GD), Sheckard (FR, Glove Showing), Shipke (GD), F. Smith (GD, Name on Front), F. Smith (PR, White Cap), Ha. Smith (GD), He. Smith (VG), Snodgrass (VG, Batting), Snodgrass (trimmed, Catching), Spencer (GD), Stahl (VG, Glove Shows), Stahl (trimmed, No Glove Shows), Steinfeldt (GD, with Bat), Starr (GD), Stovall (GD, Portrait), Street (GD), Sullivan (VG-EX), E. Summers (GD), B. Sweeney (GD, Boston), J. Tannehill (FR), L. Tannehill (GD, Initial on Front), Taylor (VG), Tenney (GD), Titus (GD), Thielman (GD), Unglaub (VG), He. Wagner (GD, Bat on Left Shoulder), He. Wagner (GD, Bat on Right Shoulder), Warhop (VG), Weimer (FR), D. White (VG-EX, Portrait), J. White (trimmed), Wilhelm (VG-EX, Hands at Chest), Wilhelm (FR, with Bat), Willett (VG), Wiltse (GD, Portrait, No Cap), Wiltse (GD, Portrait, with Cap), I. Young (FR). 
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